Based in talking circle traditions inspired by different Indigenous Nations in North America, Restorative Circle Practices help communities sit together (in an intentional container co-created with me) in circle with a center piece (to ground the community) and talking piece (for conversation flow) and hold space while having difficult conversations, addressing incidents and/or building community.

Available Circle Practices

  • Community Agreements – this practice is used to create community standards and guidelines ahead of a discussion, event or just to revisit as a community.
  • Community Team Building – This practice helps communities get to know each other and strengthen relationships and connections. 
  • Community Discussion – This practice can be used to have a difficult conversation in community.

Restorative Conflict Resolution is a service that resolves any-level disputes, conflicts, misunderstandings, miscommunications within community, between communities and between individuals. 

This service can happen in group formation, within a dyad or circle formation.

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