I will create a safe educational environment for your team to learn more about sexuality, gender, gender identity and expression, pronouns and ways to create diverse gender inclusive spaces, curriculum, policy and procedures. 

Trainings Offered:

I. be Informed (Intro)

  • In this training, your team will learn LGBTQ histories, basic terminologies, concepts and challenges as a foundation to creating safer spaces.

II.  be Pronoun Savvy (Specialized)

  • In this training, your team will learn the basics about pronouns, including the importance of pronouns, a better  understanding of pronouns, an opportunity to practice the use of pronouns, and learn some best practices for implementing pronoun inclusion in the work and or community environment.

III. be Inclusive (Coaching & Consulting)

  • I will provide your organization with coaching and or consulting on creating organizational and or community policies, practices and procedures more inclusive.

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